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Role of Spirit in our Relationships by Gien
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Role of Spirit in our Relationships by Gien
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Role of Spirit in our relationships by Gien


By spirit, I mean something we all know
I mean that part of us
that defines us

It is that part
that moves our limbs
creates speech, has thoughts and feelings,
that perceives the world around us

We are all spiritual beings
It is what identifies us
Scientists will tell us that the material universe exists independent of us
but our physical nature only exists
in reference to our spiritual self
Without a spiritual self being
how can our physical body have any existence or meaning?

So this spirit, which we all know intimately
is what is so very important in relationships
and when we use this term here
we mean a great appreciation of this spirit
and having a confidence in its incredible power and beauty
so much so, in fact, that it is akin to a radiant jewel
which when revealed fully
shines with infinite brightness
radiating love in all directions

When we recognize the jewel within
our love is free to flow outwards
free to flow without bound or limitations
there is the fundamental recognition
that the love we attract
is directly related
to the love we radiate

The more we can radiate
the more love we attract

In fact, this love from other beings
is nothing more
than our own love flowing outward
affecting others, triggering them
and releasing their love
which flows back to us
in one continuous feedback loop

It is in this sense
that the love in all of us
has the same intrinsic nature
That is why we recognize it
when it flows back to us
“Aaah….I know this!” we say
as we see love coming

Our fundamental nature is love
and when we emanate it outwards freely
then it triggers this same intrinsic energy
to be released and flow back to itself
returning back to us

This love is oneness
it is boundless, without shape or form
and flows to all living beings
inhabiting each one

When it manifests in one
it causes its' manifestation to arise in others

It is clear then
that the more we can unleash it within ourselves
the more we will be surrounded by it

When we take the opposite position
as for example, when we don't recognize that we are the source of it
then we do not cultivate it
and it does not emanate from us
and it fails to trigger it in others
In this case, we may then mistakenly chase after it
thinking we can possess it in another person

if we continue to chase after it externally
we continue to miss seeing
that the light is within us and not without
Wanting to possess it
creates desire and attachment for others
who may be the source of their own light
and if so, it is easy for them to feel something is not right

From the possessive attitude
arises all the afflictive emotions
of pride, jealousy, attachment, anger, greed
all are based on the reference system
that assumes the light is outside of us
residing in that other being

Actually, when we find the brilliant light within ourselves
we find it in others at the very same time
When we realize we already posess that which we have always sought
then we can relax and simply be
and the light will shine effortlessly as it was meant to
and that effortless and unconditional shining forth
willl naturally attract others to you
as a light attracts fireflies

Let go of everthing
and everything will come to you