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Marriage/Family Summer 2006 Test 2 Ch 5,6,7,9
SOCI 2125 Intro to Social Science Research Methods
Role of Spirit in our Relationships by Gien
SOCI1160 Introduction to Social Problems
Meet Your Teacher
SOCI 1101 Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 2225 Statistics for the Social Sciences
SOCI 2293 Intro to Marriage and Family
SOSC 2245 Intro to Women's Studies
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Answers to 1965 Constitution Test

Marriage and Family Exam 2 Ch 5-7, 9 

1. Rather than formal definitions of love, we have _________ of what we mean by love stored in the backs of our minds.

a. judgments         c. prototypes

b. abstractions     d. standards

2. Feelings commonly associated with love according to Zick Rubin are

a. needing, caring, tolerating, trusting

b. trusting, happiness, desire, caring

c. caring, desiring, trusting, needing

d. happiness, caring, trusting, respect

3. Factors affecting commitment include all of the following EXCEPT

a. structural constraints               c. normative inputs

b. love alone                                   d. balance of costs and benefits

4. Marital commitments may last longer than those of unmarried couples because

a. married people are happier

b. normative inputs tend to favor marriage

c. structural constraints do not apply to marriage

d. married people are more satisfied with their relationships

5. Reiss referred to the feeling between two individuals that understand each other in some special way as

a. rapport                                           c. mutual dependency

b. self-revelation                             d. intimacy needs fulfillment

6. Playful love is know as

a. mania                                            c. agape

b. ludus                                            d. storge

7. Companionate love consists of

a. intimacy only                             c. commitment only

b. commitment and passion      d. commitment and intimacy

8. Those who are dissatisfied with __________ love often engage in extra-relational affairs to maintain the passion in their lives

a. romantic                                   c. consummate

b. fatuous                                     d. companionate

9. Infants who sense their mother’s detachment and rejection when they desire close bodily contact develop a/an ____________ attachment style.

a. anxious                                   c. secure

b. avoidant                                 d. anxious/avoidant

10. According to the research of Baumeister et al., all the following are true regarding unrequited love EXCEPT

a. unrequited love was distressing for both would-be lover and rejector

b. rejectors did not usually experience guilt

c. rejectors saw would-be lovers as self-deceptive and unreasonable

d. would-be lovers saw their rejectors as inconsistent and mysterious

11. Jealousy

a. is a yardstick for measuring insecurity

b. is a sign of love

c. seldom maintains a relationship

d. all of the above

12. Individuals from which of the following groups are least restrictive of their partners’ sexuality?

a. traditional Latinos                       c. recent Asian immigrants

b. recent Latino immigrants         d. African Americans

13. Which of the following takes the longest to develop in a relationship?

a. intimacy                                        c. commitment

b. passion                                        d. infatuation

14. In terms of love and sexuality

a. women are more likely to separate love and sex

b. men indicate their most erotic sexual experiences take place outside a relationship

c. we are ambivalent about sexually experienced women

d. heterosexual men are less willing than gay men to engage in casual sex

15. The revelation of deeply personal information about oneself is called

a. self-disclosure                         c. shared intimacy

b. mutual self-expression         d. communication

16. According to __________ the person gaining the most from the relationship is the one  who is most dependent

a. the principle of least interest

b. relative love and need theory

c. the hierarchy of rules

d. none of the above

17. Research has shown that couples in satisfied marriages tend to do all of the following EXCEPT

a. disclose mostly negative thoughts

b. engage willingly in conflict

c. encode and decode messages accurately

d. spend less time in conflict

18. Happily married couples displayed all the following behavior patterns EXCEPT

a. confrontation                     c. validation

b. summarizing                     d. clarification

19. According to Virginia Satir (1988), _______ act frenetic and seldom say anything relevant

a. placaters                          c. computers

b. blamers                           d. distractors

20. Withholding self-disclosure erodes

a. love                                  c. trust

b. friendship                      d. all of the above

21. All of the following are guidelines for effective feedback to one’s partner EXCEPT

a. focus on "I" statements

b. focus on carefully thought-out advice

c. focus feedback according to its value to the recipient

d. focus feedback at an appropriate time and place

22. When a husband wants to change jobs and move to a different city, but the wife wants to remain where they are, they experience

a. basic conflict                          c. situational conflict

b. non basic conflict                 d. personality conflict

23. Specific demands such as dividing housework 50-50 are examples of

a. basic conflict                        c. situational conflict

b. non basic conflict              d. personality conflict

24. When power is achieved through the belief that the other person has greater knowledge it is called

a. reward power                     c. expert power

b. legitimate                           d. coercive power

25. "I can understand how you feel" is an example of

a. summarizing                    c. validation

b. paraphrasing                  d. clarification

26. When one partner yells "You’re wrong!" and the other, "I only did what I was supposed to do!", it is an example of


b. confrontation and defensiveness

c. complaining and defensiveness

d. attacking and defensiveness

27. Conflicts in marital relationships can be resolved through negotiation by

a. bargaining                         c. agreement as a gift

b. coexistence                     d. all of the above

28. According to family systems theory, family rules are generally

a. unwritten                          c. habitual

b. unknown                        d. all of the above

29. "Can you explain what you mean a little bit more?" is an example of

a. summarizing                 c. validation

b. paraphrasing                d. clarification

30. Most people have learned to handle anger by

a. venting it                      c. dealing with it

b. suppressing it            d. both A and B

31. In some cultures the money or goods women exchange for marriage is called

a. bride price                     c. a premium

b. a dowry                         d. a gift

32. An economically independent woman wants a man who

a. supplies status            c. protects her

b. provides well               d. is a companion

33. People often form initial opinions of others based on

a. personality                   c. intelligence

b. appearance                  d. sensitivity

34. According to Hatfield and Sprecher (1987), the simple preference to date someone beautiful is called

a. "glow of beauty"         c. halo effect

b. attractive status         d. aesthetic appeal

35. A marriage between a man and his mother, sister, or daughter violates the principles of

a. endogamy                    c. heterogamy

b. exogamy                      d. homagamy

36. An example of Mursteins’ value stage is

a. comparing religious beliefs and sexual values

b. finding a person extremely attractive

c. learning the person’s job preferences

d. cooking a meal together

37. Meeting someone at an amusement park, bar, or beach is an example of

a. a field of eligibles             c. an open field

b. a closed field                     d. the marketplace

38. The norm of male initiation of the fist date

a. keeps women from asking men out for fear of being labeled promiscuous

b. extends to the second, third, and subsequent dates

c. has almost disappeared due to egalitarian roles

d. is based on the reality that men are generally less shy than women

39. According to the text, if you break up with someone

a. you can avoid hurting your partner if you do it gently

b. it’s a good idea to try to keep on being friends, especially at first

c. you should keep in mind that you can always get back together if you get lonely

d. you should be sure it’s what you want and not just a way to avoid dealing with important issues in the relationship

40. Marriage in American culture is based on cultural notions about

a. honor                                     c. security and satisfaction

b. love and individualism      d. commitment

41. Many stresses experienced by new parents include

a. concern about their ability to meet all the responsibilities of child rearing

b. general anxiety and depression

c. infant health care

d. all of the above

42. The portion of the mind that is devoted to immediate gratification is the

a. superego                             c. id

b. ego                                       d. superid

43. Which of the following words was used by Skinner to explain how behaviors may be increased or decreased?

a. reinforcement                   c. assimilation

b. behaviorism                     d. accommodation

44. When children adjust their cognitive framework to incorporate new experiences they have used

a. assimilation                   c. learning theory

b. accommodation           d. operant conditioning

45. The strong bond forged between an infant and his or her primary care giver is known as

a. attachment                    c. affection

b. love                                d. loyalty

46. Parents can foster high self-esteem in their children by

a. enforcing clearly defined limits

b. respecting individuality

c. being sincere

d. all of the above

47. Girls from which ethnic group reported the highest level of self-esteem in high school?

a. African Americans   c. White

b. Latinos                      d. There are no differences in self-esteem

48. Research indicates that gay fathers

a. can be effective role models

b. feel their sexual orientation is important in their relationship with their child

c. illicit a different kind of response in their child regarding their sexual orientation that do lesbians mothers

d. all of the above

49. Parents who rely on positive reinforcement and an infrequent use of punishment while showing awareness of feelings are

a. authoritarian                        c. authoritative

b. permissive                          d. contemporary

50. The practice of males participating and acting out cultural traditions in pregnancy and birth is called

a. culture of fatherhood       c. deferred parenthood

b. neurotic behavior            d. covade

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